The new 7th generation ECA convection technology is here!




FENiX PRO isElegant Advanced Discreet Efficient Awesome

FENiX PRO is the newest addition to our family. With the latest ECA convection technology. It is made for dry herbs, wax and liquids. With its elegance and high quality design its discreet and suitable for anyone.

  • ECA Convection Technology
  • High Quality Design
  • Black Glass Mouthpiece
  • Dry Herby, Wax,
Convection chamber

ECA Convection


The new and improved ECA technology of convection is beyond any other type of heating. The airpath is visible through the body of FENiX PRO, just remove the strainer and look through it. This makes the evaporation so much better. The vapor is cleaner because it is only mixed with fresh air, and the spiral strainer cools the vapor down to a pleasant temperature for inhalation. The resistance is barely noticeable and all this takes the FENiX PRO to the next level of evaporating. It is suitable for any kind of material, herbs, wax and oils.


Battery Life

Enjoy long sessions

FENiX has a powerful build-in battery (LG Class A lithium battery. This lasts for about 45 minutes on average. It’s integrated and not user-replaceable. It charges via micro-USB.

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Safety protection keeps the device from overcharging and overheating along with short circuit protection, open load protection and sensor error protection.

  • Lithium-ion LG
  • Charging via USB charger

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The removable mouthpiece is easy to use and clean. The glass mouthpiece is colored in black so it suits the design perfectly, but also it is a bit thicker so it can withstand some impact. Also, it is very easy to clean and maintain.

Herbs and extracts

FENiX comes equipped with a special quartz chamber – made for vaporizing extracts/ oils/ waxes. This allows you to enjoy both of your favorite dry herbs and extracts in one unit.

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Fenix PRO OLED Display Precise Temperature

Temperature Levels

FENiX PRO has an option of adjusting the temperature by 1 °C, and it ranges from 160 °C – 221 °C/ 320 °F – 428 °F. The device is heated up in less than 30 seconds.

In package you will recieve:
  • FENiX PRO Vaporizer
  • Mouthpiece O-Ring & Screen
  • Airpath Cleaning Brush
  • Chamber Cleaning Brush
  • Packing Tool
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Manual (German and English)
Vaporizator Fenix Pro Packaging

Difference Between:
Combustion | Conduction | Convection

FENiX PRO uses:


Cheaper devices for herbs are often also described as vaporizers. Using a hot-coil or filament that combusts the material. This may have a negative effect on health. They are very much cheaper than the real herbal vaporizers.


Herbs or extracts are heated in a chamber, which is usually made of metal, ceramic or quartz. Since the chamber gets heated only on the side and bottom, the material in the center doesn’t completely vaporize and requires frequent stirring. The chamber stays heated all the time so you lose some efficiency as it still vaporizers between draws.

ECA Technology

ECA= Easy care Airpath technology, the 7th generation! The airpath is completely visible, you can even look through it. This makes evaporation even better than with the classic convection. The air is pulled through a clean air path, so the air cannot be contaminated by any other material. This makes the vapor clean, tasteful, and very pleasant. The spiral strainer cools down the vapor to a nice temperature for inhaling.


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