Convection chamber
provides flavourful,
smooth and clean vapor.

Portable vaporizers

Vaporizers is made for dry herbs with special chart for concentrates and oils.

Strong Battery

Vaporizers are powered by
lithium-ion battery which charges quickly.

  • AIR HEATING®Convection heating technology delivers most flavorful vapor
  • HERB VAPORIZERWith special chart that allows using extracts, waxes and oils


FENiX Classic

FENiX Mini

FENiX vaporizers areAdvancedConvenientEfficientFantasticWonderfulAwesome

FENiX vaporizers are a breaking point in the market when it comes to vapor quality. The AIR Heating chamber is a winning method for keeping herbs as fresh as they can be. FENiX vaporizer has a special isolated airflow that will cool down the vapor before inhaling.
FENiX vaporizers do have unique features. Each one stands out. 

FENiX vaporizers

  • FENiX 2.0Advanced convection vaporizer

FENiX 2.0 is the parade discipline and the largest innovation of this ingenious vaporizer. The patented AIR Heating® technology delivers completely new results in the evaporation of herbs. A completely combustion-free evaporation is just as nothing in the way as excellent and flawless perfect steam clouds.

  • 4th generationAdvanced heating technology
  • 4th generation
  • 4 displays
  • 4400 mAh battery
  • Convection
  • Simple to use
  • 2200 mAh battery
  • FENIX ClassicPrevious version

FENiX is convection vaporizer for dry herbs, concentrates, waxes and oils.
Air-heating-system is a new generation’s way for incredibly flavorfull, soft and pure vaporizing experience. It comes with built-in Smart-Puff-identify feature hot instant tasty vapor and both soft mode and enhanced mode, for a different inhaling experience.

  • Smart-Puff-identifyIntelligent features
  • FENIX MiniDiscreet and easy-to-use

FENiX Mini is the smallest vaporizer in our collection. It’s convenient for dry herbs, extracts, and liquids and perfect on to-go and it also uses convection technology for heating. Because of its size its one of the most discreet portable vaporizers out there.

  • Discreet vaporizerSmall, pocket vaporizer
  • Discreet vaporizer
  • True convection
  • Herb and concentrate
  • Tasteful experience