• 4th Generation Vaporizer

FENiX is a convection vaporizer with the technology of the 4th generation. Which means a totally new area for dry herb vaporizers.
Convenient, technologically advanced and affordable vaporizer.

FENiX 2.0 isAdvanced Convenient Efficient Fantastic Wonderful Awesome

Though superficially identical to its brother FENiX, with a bunch of smart features that iron out functional flaws to create an amazing vape.
Improved power, heating chamber, air path and much more… all of that for an affordable price – this vape is a winner!

  • 4th Generation
  • Air Heating ®
  • 4 Displays
  • 4400 mAh Battery

What makes FENiX awesome?

Convenient, Technologically Advanced and Affordable Vaporizer



FENiX uses an AIR HEATING System with convection technology, which means, that herbs are 100% heated with air. This isn’t anything like conduction, where the herbs are heated only on sides of the chamber.

How does Air Heating Work?

The Chamber of FENiX has hundreds of small holes where hot air is pulled through, resulting in an even better distribution of heat. Giving a consistent, efficient, tasty flavor and vapor with minimal stirring required. The hot air is primarily only drawn through the chamber as you take a draw so the efficiency loss is minimal between draws.

As the heat only travels through the herb, it means it gets heated properly without combustion or burning.

Healthier Way

This means big progress in the health area. Weecker also used precise and carefully selected materials to design the chamber, air path, and mouthpiece. The materials used are all harmless to health and safety, with which the manufacturer complies in full of his health responsibility. Only very few manufacturers in the market can say that.
Since metal deforms during high heat and is therefore not really safe, the lower part of the FENiX 2.0 has been equipped with a high-temperature thermoplastic called PEEK (polyetheretherketone), which makes evaporation safe and absolutely harmless to health, even at the highest temperatures.

Replaceable Heating Chamber

FENiX 2.0 is also designed with a replaceable heating chamber. This is an important feature since the most common reason for buying a new vaporizer is when a heating chamber wears off. After a time heating chamber gets burns on the surface of a chamber, despite that the device uses either conduction or combustion technology for heating, this really is a common problem. Now you can easily remove and replace it with a brand-new one.

The patented Air Heating® technology delivers completely new results in the evaporation of herbs. This convection technology is extremely effective and guarantees superb evaporation at a new level.


A Power That Will Last


Powerful Battery4400mAh
  • Integrated
  • Lithium-ion LG
  • 75 mins Session
  • Quick Charging

Another winning feature is the 4400 mAh battery. Despite the possibility of replaceable batteries, most vaporizers still use a classic 2200 mAh battery, which allows you a 45 minutes session. Those kinds are still slow in charging, for which one must wait at least 3,5 hours to recharge. These negative consequences are finally eliminated.
FENiX 2.0 can brag with its powerful Lithium-ion LG 4400 mAh battery. This allows you to enjoy 75 minutes or more long sessions by one charge. Meanwhile, charging lasts only 2.5 hours.


4 Displays Precise Control

  No vaporizer offers so far and is absolutely new and innovative!


Large 0.96-inch double display simultaneously displays the set and the actual temperature. Precise temperature setting will satisfy your custom wishes.

The temperature can freely adjust to any temperature between 160° to 221°. This really lets you adjust your device to the perfect temperature mode according to your vaping material. The perfect mode for vaporizing dry herbs is at 180 °C


The display has been split without neglecting the size and shows not only the temperatures but also the timer with the set and the actual time.

The device will turn off heating after 5 minutes of use by default. The vaporizer can be freely adjusted. You can simply extend or shorten the time you prefer. So you always have the absolute control over the evaporation time and also the full security!


The airflow duct is completely isolated and separated from the internal electronics. This is why the vaporization is safe and the air duct of high-quality stainless steel ensures absolutely pure taste since stainless steel is tasteless.



The innovative cooling system of the air duct effectively cools the vapor before it is inhaled. This makes the evaporation more pleasant, although the amount of steam and the taste are preserved.