AIR HEATING technology

4th generation vaporizers | A new area of healthy evaporation

AIR HEATING technology is a convection heating method for vaping botanicals without direct contact with heating element.

4th generation offers advanced vaporizers loaded with amazing features you all have been waiting for.
Before we introduce you to the world of AIR HEATING vaporizers, we must describe you other alternatives of vaporizing/smoking the herb.

Combustion means a direct heating element on a herb, higher temperatures than 230°C. In this case there is a big chance that apears smoke with bitter taste. Even that this is considered vaporizer, the product isn’t vapor. We all know that we are not helping with our well-being or health.

Conduction vaporizers are a pretty common thing in the market. In most cases it produces good vapor with good taste. But the herbs are directly heated by the surface of a chamber. Which leaves us with superficial vaporized herbs.

Back to the advanced way – convection


How AIR HEATING technology works?

Heating element lays under the chamber – heats the air and travels through hundreds of small holes into a chamber – effectively and evenly vaporize the herb – and provides the purest and most flavorful vapor without a slight track of combustion. This truly is a vaporation with 0% combustion – 100% heated by air. Convection type vaporizers are more consistenly, and more reliably as beneficial to health.

It really has a positive effect on more than just health – herbs vaporate more evenly. Unlike the rest chamber heating methods – herbs either have burns or are not fully vaporised. This is a disadvantage with combustion and conduction techniques. Herbs get heated only on a surface and not in the center of a chamber. This requires stringing while having a session, which could be really annoying. Convection is nothing like that.

As already said the convection technique means that vapor travels from the bottom of a chamber through herbs – after that through fully isolated airpath, which ensures that the inhaled vapor is cooled down and enjoyful. The beauty about this new technique is that your plants will be vaped at an even pace and without any extra input.

Inhaling goes easier since the air travels up, so there is no need for extra sucking. In fact, some vapes offer a fan mode where the vapor fills a baloon.

Air heating doesn’t do a lot of damage to a chamber as it does with combustion or conduction. The resin burns at the surface of a chamber do cause smoke and provide evaporation of negative gasses. This also leads to unright and harmful vaporation session.
Even tho that air heating doesn’t do much damage to a chamber, the new Fenix 2.0. offers a totally replaceable chamber. This is a feature that was needed among the users. The main problem, when it comes to ruining vaporizers is right that. With a new spare chamber and already a powerful battery, your vape will be as brand new.

The purity of vapor isn’t harmful to health – in fact, it’s more beneficial. Only the best elements are evaporised – on perfect temperatures.


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